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Sometimes a skein of yarn has a mind of it's own.  Usually it teaches me a lesson in the process.  You'll find those here. 

Additionally, you can sometimes find Limited Edition runs of a base or colorway I was testing out.

I'll also include bases I've discontinued.  ( the de la tierras and the mohair can be found by scrolling past the This n That sub-group down below )

Hopefully my respect for nature's colors is apparent here.


please note:   For a insight into the entire wpi vs yarn weight dilemma, and how it causes some of the tags to have outdated information on them, 

please read this page in my Notebook.

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Maverick This n That

Please refer to individual listings for specifics, as there are a number of types of yarn in this first category.


Click here to view the bases we use for our CST Hand-dyed yarn

There are also a few yarn items in the Limited Editions category.

Below are a few helpful pages from our Info/Policies Section

Maverick de la tierras

100% Merino / singles / size of skeins vary

I started dyeing this yarn over 10 years ago, and it is some of the softest yarn around.  Sad to see this line go.

There are 3 different weights listed, please make sure the thickness of the yarn is to your liking.

Maverick Mohair

100% Kid Mohair / singles /Lace Weight (identified as Fingering from mfg)

Skein sizes vary - see individual listings

This is a heavy yarn with a wonderful drape and sheen. As is typical of many mohair yarns, it does tend to shed a little when knitting.  This is not the light fluffy mohair - it has body to it (see the close-ups).  Your finished piece will have a wonderful halo and glow.  This was a joy to dye.