If you are a rigid heddle weaver, these warp bundles will allow you to easily make a OOAK woven piece.   Choose weft from your stash, and you will produce a fun scarf or yardage for textile crafting. 

You will receive cut ends, which means you will dress your loom in similar fashion to standard looms, without wrapping around a little warping peg.  Each listing's yarns will differ.  There could be wool, cotton, synthetics, alpaca, silk etc. 

I have a video in the works, for folks to watch as I use one of these bundles — including some tips and tricks on the warping process as I go along. 

Each listing will let you know if a 5 dent reed is required (due to the thickness of the yarn), or if you can use a 10 dent reed. 

Unless otherwise indicated all warps are approx 10 ft / 3 m.

I go into the math, and some other points in this page  from my Notebook.

Plans are also in the works for painted warps!  Stay tuned.

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