Indigo Hemp Grab-bag

IMG_3381 -1.jpg

There is a story.

I acquired quite a lot of 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton yarn and I was so frustrated with all the knots in each skein of yarn, I almost threw it all away.  I just couldn’t bear to do that however, so a couple summers ago I dyed the yarn in my Indigo Pot. 

Although I was very pleased with the beautiful various shades and depths of blue, I was disappointed to find it does crock when working with it.  I wouldn’t want to wear this next to my skin. 

The yarn does not have a good tensile strength, so I discounted it as warp..... but I knew it would be beautiful in a woven piece as weft.  I decided a woven wall hanging or room divider would be perfect.  I wove a prototype sampler, gave it away to a friend who needed a hand-made gift, and plans were made to weave 3 panels for our room divider that needed a rebirth.  The fact that all the skeins were various sizes ( due to my separating at all those knots ), and various depths of indigo would be perfectly fine as I wove.

It’s come time to admit to myself, I won’t get to this project, so I’ve divided up these skeinlets into grab bags. 

Here are the specs:

  • 2 ply / worsted weight
  • 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton
  • Average of 3 skeins to a bag, with more than likely various depths of shade between them
  • Shortest skein I had was 20 yds...longest was 124 yds...these are grab bags, so there is no telling what lengths your skeinlets will be.
  • Average bag has 174 yds / 159 m
  • Each bag is at least 100 g / 3.5 oz
  • Yarn is not a strong yarn
  • Yarn will crock when using, however a simple rinse under the faucet removes the blue from fingers.

Each bag differs slightly, once they are gone...they’re gone.