Project Bags - Over The Arm

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We all love to acquire project bags for our knitting WIP, but we all know there are countless other uses for them beside our yarn projects.  There is something truly organic about storing things in fabric bags!  

In some of our bags, we are re-inventing clothing that inspires us - breathing new life into the fabric - mainly the Zipped Up style.    In other bags, we put together wonderful combinations of cotton fabrics - always with an eye toward color and pattern placement.  Occasionally, we will be showcasing international fabrics from places like Africa and Japan........we may even throw in some of our own fabric designs. 

Hopefully somewhere along the way, we will stumble on a combination that inspires you, and makes you smile.

Click here to see our Drawstring bags —- for those folks who are knitting a smaller project - socks, scarf, hat etc

The following Over The Arm bags are perfect for smaller projects too, in addition to being very convenient for folks on the go. 

Click here to see our Zipped Up bags - excellent for folks working on a larger project


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