Chasing Color and Catching Concepts


My fascination started one summer in the 70’s when I found a beautiful set of naturally dyed wool skeinlets at the local Renaissance Fair.  I was captivated.  I found it mysterious and refreshing all at the same time.  From that moment on, I never looked at fiber or color in quite the same way.

Nana (my Great-Grandmother) taught me how to knit the way she was taught in Wales.  I’ve picked it up and put it down numerous times over the years.  Although I loved working with yarn, my yarn choices were extremely limited, and did little to capture my interest for long.  Consequently, I would consider myself a Beginner Knitter.

I have dabbled in numerous other textile adventures over the years, but never truly sat in one place too long.  There have always been way too many ideas racing through my head...and too many interests to comfortably stop anywhere along the journey.

That is, until I found spinning.  I’m a self-taught spinner, and although I’ve been spinning over 40 years, I still am learning. I turn to spinning when I need an escape.  You will find my hand-spun reflects the various interests and moods I am experiencing at that moment in time.

I was fortunate to take weaving classes in the 80's, and became so impassioned by it, I designed and helped make my own 6 ft maple 8 harness floor loom. In my heart, I know I’m a weaver....must have been in a past life.  I’m more in touch with the inner me, when sitting behind a loom than anywhere else.  Spinning and dyeing have their place in my heart, but weaving is who I am.

My husband got in on the act when we opened our retail shop.  We moved several times during our short lifespan as Cottage Fiber and ended up in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City.  We sold weaving and spinning equipment, fiber, and yarn.  I was excited to be selling my hand-spun, as well as Feet First, our own hand-dyed sock yarn. CST's Technospindles were born, and I taught folks how to spin, on both spindle and wheel. We enjoyed doing demos and showing off some antique wheels during First Fridays.  Watching people’s faces as they experienced the room full of color was very rewarding and inspiring. Our running count of vintage looms and wheels we had/have for restoration is in flux...currently we have 5 looms and somewhere around 9 spinning wheels.  There just never seems to be enough hours in the week to work on everything does there?

I’ve been dyeing in earnest since 2004.  From natural indigo dyeing to dyeing fibers in my dye studio, I have a fascination with listening to colors speak.  Weaving affords the same opportunity, I also dabbled in piecing quilts for a while, for much the same reason..... the ability to introduce colors to each other, and watch how they interact as a team, listening in to their conversation, is something that never gets old. 

I love the smell and feel of raw fleece, and have quite the collection.  Those fleeces and assorted dyed spinning fiber will be making an appearance on the website as time permits.  I anticipate multiple other fiber interests will find their way into the shop...items for fiber artists, as well as finished goods for the person who appreciates fine quality hand-crafted textiles.  Some will be one-of-a-kind pieces, and some will be limited edition runs. Other non-fiber products I produce will occasionally find a home here as well.

After years of taking care of family, I am ready now to take care of me.  I’m extremely excited to be approaching the textile industry with renewed energy.  The ideas are still flowing, my interests are still scattered, and the colors are still visiting with each other. I invite you to pop back in occasionally to see what new items become available. Thank you for your support as I begin this new phase of my fiber journey. 

Who knows what lies ahead.  Let's find out together.