Distressed Vintage Rust-dyed Squares Series #2

Distressed Vintage Rust-dyed Squares Series #2


Distressed Vintage Rust-dyed Squares Series #2

A grouping of 5 pieces of approximately 10” squares - torn from different rust dyed vintage fabrics. Some of the fabric was thin while other pieces were a more substantial weave. We are assuming all pieces are cotton, but we have no guarantee of that, as we are re-purposing vintage textiles.

Individual bundles will vary in the type of original woven fabric included.

Some pieces will have a noticeable grid, others will be more diffuse. Depth of shade will vary as well, and every piece is inspiring.

All rust dyed vintage fabric is subject to thin spots, holes (both original holes or holes caused by an intense area of exposure to the rust) or previous marks. PLEASE NOTE: one or more of your pieces will undoubtedly have holes. I truly believe these distressed areas improve the beauty of the pieces.

Due to the age and techniques these pieces should not be used where strength is needed ( as in a quilt ), but would serve beautifully in mixed media or journal making.

These pieces were torn on straight of grain, and as such would be perfectly suited for creating strips of fabric.

Embellished with a piece of hemp and wooden button.

UNTIL THEY ARE GONE —— Some of the bundles include an extremely fragile piece of a textile over 70 years old - handblocked in India (see second photo). More than likely, this piece will certainly have a hole or two. You can let me know if you would prefer to have a bundle with one of these treasures or if you would prefer to have a bundle that doesn’t contain this textile. Please let me know your preference immediately after ordering - via the Contact Us link at the bottom of our pages.

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