Indigo Hemp Grab-bag

Indigo Hemp Grab-bag


Indigo Hemp Grab-bag

  • Although the yarn is not a strong yarn, it can be used in knitting - if care is taken. It would be wonderful in embellishments or as weft in weaving.

  • Pre-washed ( as all our yarn is ), so there is no worry the color will wash out.

  • Yarn will crock when using, however a simple rinse under the faucet removes the blue from fingers.

  • 2 ply / worsted weight

  • 55% Hemp / 45% Cotton

  • Average of 3 skeins to a bag, with more than likely various depths of shade between them

  • Average bag has 174 yds / 159 m

  • Each bag is at least 100 g / 3.5 oz

  • Shortest skeinlet I had was 20 yds...longest was 124 yds...these are grab bags, so there is no telling what lengths your skeinlets will be.

 Each bag differs slightly, once they are gone...they’re gone.

Limited Edition

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