My gram/ounce and yard/meter dilemma


Eventually, I would like to be able to sell internationally....I know I need to be able to respect those folks by listing items in grams AND ounces and Meters AND yards.  Slowly I will try to convert my pages to do just that. 

There are some instances where it's cumbersome however, and so I feel confident in saying there will be areas where I don't list all 4 measurements.  The way I've chosen to list those items may be controversial, as I am using both metric and standard measurements in the same description.  I'm using yards because, quite simply....that is how everything I have here is set up (including this old brain).  However....when it comes to weight, I much prefer using grams.  The reason is very simple, I can get much more exact and specific measurements without having to go into a lot of decimals.

For instance my silk hankie listings are 5 grams.  To convert that over to ounces means I'd have to list it as 5 g / 0.17637 oz.  Silly looking.  Even if I rounded it and said 5 g / 0.18 ounces...most folks I know around here, don't think in terms of decimals -- fractions perhaps but not decimals. You can't reduce this however, so I'd have to write it 17637/100000 which is silly...and it still wouldn't mean anything to people.  I'm stickin with 5 g.

Thanks to Mr. Google, it really is pretty darn simple to get a conversion quickly. 

PJ Holtzman