Pincushion 9

Pincushion 9


Pincushion 9

This pincushion is made from Japanese indigo fabric backed by 100% cotton Japanese inspired fabric.

Embellished with cotton floss and drawn in with plied cotton floss

Each side is adorned by a backing and bead that accents perfectly….a turquoise color on the indigo side and a burgundy color on the reverse.

Filled with finely ground walnut hulls and organic lavender buds. The walnut helps keep your pins and needles sharp, and affords a nice weight to the cushion — no more chasing your pincushion all over the table. The lavender is there to lift your spirits….it smells wonderful.

This pincushion flower is beautiful in it’s understated elegance.

Approx 3” x 1.25”

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