Technospindle #TS255S

Technospindle #TS255S


Technospindle #TS255S

CD spindles have been around for a while, but never quite like we started making them 10 years ago. As you look down on the whorl, you get to enjoy a kaleidoscope of movement as the printed CD spins. 

Images are printed on either a matte white background which offers a pleasing opaque finish, or on a shiny silver background which offers a slight metallic appearance.

The underside CD is solid black and shows off your newly spun yarn when you set the spindle down, which WE think is an added perk... The color of the accent wire spiraling up the shaft adds the finishing touch. Spin thick or thin, the choice is yours on this spindle weighing in at 1.75 oz (50g).

Entertain the kids... the cats... or just yourself... they are hard to stop watching.

Image on #TS255S is printed on shiny silver background.

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